World Trip 2012-13: Day 7 – Kuala Lumpur and Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

Wednesday 3 October 2012.
: Petronas Twin Towers and drive to Cameron Highlands.

Four adventurous souls, Kirsty, Laurence, Yasmin and myself left the hotel at 6 am to return to the Twin Towers but this time to climb them (via lifts!) and view the tiny people below.

We got at the Towers and went in search of quick breakfast before lining up so we could then join another line at 7 am in the sub level of he building. At 8.30 am, if additional people joining this line rapidity, we then moved to the purchase ticket line, and from their the entry line. After security scans (think airport) we then waited in the lobby. Apparently this is a very English way to go 🙂

The first stop was the 42 floor and the bridge between the building. Have to admit to some urn rational fear when first walking across and viewing the city. Very cool. After 15 minutes we were sent up to the 86th floor at 452 metres. Using high powered binoculars we could see the people below. The weather was great so good viewing of the surrounding area. Both Laurence and my ears felt the pressure change coming up this far. A very worthwhile experience.

After returning to the hotel and resting for about 2 hours the entire group jumped into two minivans and it was off to Cameron Heights which is 1,500 metres above sea level. We were promise milder weather, and we got it, little humidity and it felt like 20. What wasn’t promised was the great landscape as we snaked around the mountains (no motion sickness in our car but I could see it occurring for some).

After arrival we had some rain which should make tomorrow’s hike interesting. Dinner has taken as a group in town saw us out for the day. I should mention most people had the ‘steamboat’ which is basically boiling soup (heated by gas store on your table) and you then cook the various meats yourself in the soup. Not my style but others enjoyed.

South East Asia Facebook Photos (Part 2)


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