World Trip 2011: Day 5 – San Francisco, USA

Saturday 4 June 2011
Highlights: Ghirardelli Place, Music Box Shop

The big shopping day in the Bay area.  Last night they issued warnings about unseasonable wet weather, it turned out to be very wet but for the most part it rained while we were indoors.

Caught the local bus in San Francisco, always interesting to see the locals.  Saw the pink ribbon on the San Francisco hill which was highlighting 30 years since the first case of aids was diagnosed here.

First stop saw a visit to the Golf & Tennis shop for Andrew’s prized tennis shoes, unfortunately for him they were the wrong colour and I know how fashion conscious he can be.  From here we went down to the Wharfs starting at Pier 1 (funnily enough) all the way to the famous Pier 39 (were it did rain).  Now just as mum had given up on finding the Music Box Shop I figured out the new location, which really means that people getting presents from my mother also kinda owe me as well.

We ended up at Ghirardelli Place were we enjoyed ice cream and a banana split.  We had planned to get the cable car but it was shut down for repairs so we went hiking up the hills of San Francisco which actually ended up being a good thing.  Down to Union Square and we located Macy’s which is were the shopping began.  Can’t say what we got but I have a few family member birthday’s coming up so hopefully they will be happy.

We were both clumsy or forgetful today, Mum managed to knock over a ‘Caution Wet Surface Sign’, drop her umbrella, spill her Banana Split on the table (really not her fault) and unfortunately I managed to delete all my photos from today 😦

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