Day 4 – Las Vegas to San Francisco, USA

Highlights: Gambling at Las Vegas Airport

Shuttle pick up worked out well but had I really left Vegas yet… well no.  It’s around 9 am and I’m sitting at Las Vegas Airport and playing the slots how addictive is that??  Well not as addicted as the smokers who locked themselves in a little ‘bubble’ room and smoked away as they lost their money and health.

las_vegas-11Actually it’s a real eye opener seeing people smoking everywhere, including in shops (not the good shops, the cut price ones).  Makes you glad they have banned smoking in most public places in Australia.  I’m not for banning smoking altogether but forcing smoke onto others is just wrong 😦

I checked in both my bag and my Mum’s as I get free check in with American Airlines.  I worry about how much she’ll have to pay when flying from San Francisco to Los Angeles by herself.

During our stopover at LA Airport mum found a fellow Aussie and started watching the French Semi Final Ferrer beat Djokovic.  Both of us were separately put off the 12.25 pm flight and had to wait to 2.35 pm, not idea why.  A few weeks ago when this happened we were both told the 12.25 pm flight was cancelled but I can tell you I watched it fly off full of passengers without us.

Nothing major at San Francisco other than the cold weather (35 in Vegas, 13 in San Fran).  Mum was disappointed they no longer offer free buffet breakfast but after pigging out in Vegas on a paid buffet dinner I was kind of glad.  We did go to Mum’s favourite chain restaurant, IHOP at which she got a seniors discount.

I remember a time many years ago when my mum hated seniors discounts, now she looks for them everywhere.  I suppose when you get over the hurt of being called (correctly) a senior you might as well go with the savings.

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An Australian World traveler who has been fortunate enough to experience 56 countries so far.
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