World Trip 2011: Day 3 – Las Vegas, USA

Thursday 2 June 2011
Highlights: The view from the Stratosphere Tower, gambling at ten casinos in one day!

We started today with a visit to the Stratosphere Tower to view Vegas from 500 metres height.  Not a bad view, makes you realise you are in a desert, the only green places are the exclusive golf courses.

From here we aught the bus down to New York, New York Casino.  I had a plan to bet $10 at as many casinos as possible during the day, shopping off as we walked back to Circus Circus.  This plan took in 10 casinos and 7 hours but I can now say I gambled at;

  • New York, New York (won)
  • Monte Carolo (lost)
  • Planet Hollywood (lost)
  • Paris (even)
  • Bellagio (lost)
  • Caesars Palace (won)
  • Mirage (won)
  • Venetian (lost badly)
  • Treasure Island (even)
  • Circus Circus (lost)

So out of ten casinos I won at 3 of them, broke even at 2 and lost at 5, I’d say that is about the right percentages.  Finished back at the hotel with a Buffet Dinner, I shouldn’t go to one of these places often or I’ll end up looking even more like an oversized local.

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A World traveller who has so far experienced 71 countries in this amazing world.
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