World Trip 2011: Day 2 – Las Vegas, USA

Wednesday 1 June 2011
Highlights: Premium Shopping Outlet (South)

Late start today getting up around 10.30 am, but with no sleep yesterday that’s not a big surprise.  Finally dragged myself out to the strip and caught the Deuce bus service ($7 for 24 hours use).

We headed out to Premium Shopping Outlet (South) to do some serious damage to Australian Balance of trade.  This outlet is outdoors so as a result they have this stands that shot out mists of water to keep the temperature down a little and to stop you dehydrating in the desert heat.  Yesterday I bought a few items, today’s plan was for tennis shoes (my backup one at home has a hole in the side).

Mission accomplished (unlike Former President George W Bush).  Added to this I found some gifts for Darby, Harry and Erin.  We caught a bus back to Circus Circus Casino and a quick change saw us off to the Stratosphere Tower Casino for a Vegas show – fail.

The Vegas Spectacular was cancelled and  we hadn’t been informed.  They did comp the fee for entrance to the  Stratosphere Tower.  While disappointing you can’t let this things get to you.  After a very small play at the Casino we made the most of the 24 hour bus pass and returned to a Shopping Outlet as my mum had an idea for a birthday present for my sister Kara which I’m  hoping she will love.

We then did a visit to the Adidas on the strip looking for tennis shoes for Andrew which we couldn’t find.  Finished the night back at Circus Circus were I managed to have a reasonably big loss 😦

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