World Trip 2011: Day 1 – Melbourne to Los Angeles to Las Vegas, USA

Tuesday 31 May 2011
Highlights: Qantas Business International Lounge, Los Angeles Admirals Club

Early start getting up at 6 am today with a big day of travelling ahead.  Checked in at 6.45 am thanks to a drop off from Reagan.  Mum checked out the duty-free and now has items waiting for when she returns in 8 days.

This time I headed off for the Qantas Business International Lounge, no more First Class Lounge, they finally figured out I didn’t have that kind of class!  Still they had a pancake maker and even I can cook toast.  Mum tried a few different combinations of her favourite drinks at the self-serve bar.  Might as well adjust to the new time zone as it was night in the USA.  I managed to use the lounge to complete a job application (a little sad to do work but I need a new job hopefully in the city when I return).

Since we are on different tickets I was seated in a different seat from my mum, but we both scored aisle seats and no one seating next to us.  Brilliant start given the 14.5 hour flight ahead 🙂

I didn’t find the movie selection that great, I suppose I’d already seen the good ones.  I settled on the Tron sequel and “The Dilemma”, throw in Modern Family, The Simpsons, Doctor Who and The IT Crowd and before I knew it the flight was landing in LA.  There was a few problems docking at the gate but none getting though Customs, seems to be getting better each time good work President Obama.

Picked up our bags, changed terminals and checked in for Las Vegas.  We did try to change to an earlier flight but they wanted $100 USD, since it was 8.30 am and the earlier flight would have been a big rush I left us on the noon flight.

Now the bad part of the day.  Domestic security in the USA is very over the top.  You must remove jackets, shoes and any items in your pockets (not just metal) and all liquids.  Took forever to get though security and then it came time for the random selected ‘enhanced’ scanner.  Basically the scanner and see though your clothes.  It has been a little controversial in the States when photos of individuals got out and if you refuse the scanner you get an aggressive pat down (USA government’s words not mine).  Some USA citizens are trying to lay arrest charges over this pat down.

Anyway one look at me and security let me though.  I suppose they didn’t want to break the machine or their eyes 🙂 🙂

From here it was to the American Airlines Los Angeles Admirals Club and a very welcome shower and shave.  It is good to be a Oneworld Lounge Member.  While the USA lounges don’t really provide any food, they do provide internet and that allowed for my first blog posting of this trip.

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