2011 USA Trip

Well less than one week now to I take off to the USA for a very much needed holiday, and this time the Australian Dollar is very strong meaning shopping is a part of this trip!  I’ll be leaving on Tuesday 31 May and returning to Wednesday 15 June 2011.

I’m leaving on a 9.35 am Qantas flight direct to Los Angeles and from here transfer to a flight to Las Vegas after a 4 hour stopover.  Arrival time in Vegas is noon on Tuesday, the time zone thing meaning it is a few hours after I left).  I envisage shows, gambling and hard to believe it but also shopping for this part of the trip.

I’ll be leaving Vegas on Friday morning after 2.5 days and heading for San Francisco (via Los Angeles).  I’ll be in San Fran for the weekend so I see a Pier 39 visit in my future and maybe even a sporting game if I can find one.

On Monday morning I’ll be catching a flight to Anchorage, Alaska for the main part of the trip.  After flying over Canada (sorry next time) I’ll arrive in Alaska around 6.20 pm (I have a 3 hour stopover in Seattle) and from here hopefully my hotel will be ready for me to crash before the fun begins.

On Tuesday 7 June I’ll be catching an 8 hour train to Denali, apparently the sights on the train trip are great.  That night in Denali I’ll be undertaking White Water Rafting.  The next day I’ll be getting up at a crazy time (around 5 am) to start a day long Kantishna Wilderness Trails Tour.  On Thursday 9 June I’ll be catching a bus back to Anchorage (again good sights apparently) and then visiting the Anchorage Museum.

On the Friday I catch a train to Whittier and do a day cruise to Prince William Sound.  On the Saturday, back at Anchorage, I will be undertaking a Redoubt Bear Viewing Flight.  Small planes can be a bit hair rising at times, so I better find some bears!

Sunday 12 June I have the whole day to wonder around Anchorage before catching a late flight back to Los Angeles via Seattle.  I arrive around 11.20 pm and will be staying at an airport hotel, hopefully without fleas.

I have a late night flight back to Australia on the Monday so I’m thinking for the first time ever in LA I’ll do a real tourist thing and do one of those Hollywood Homes tours (I know could be really lame but you never know).

Finally late Monday night I catch a flight back to Sydney and then change planes to get back to Melbourne around noon on the Wednesday (Tuesday 14 June is lost to me this year).  Hopefully this will be an enjoyable trip.

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A World traveller who has so far experienced 71 countries in this amazing world. https://nathanburgessinsights.com/travel/
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