2010 Fiji Trip: Day 8 – Sydney to Brisbane to Melbourne, Australia

Trip Photos (on Facebook)

Arriving back at the airport with lots of memories Kara left me there as she flew home to Jason and her daughter (my niece) Erin.  Lots of good memories all round.  While this was a very different trip for me, most staying in one location and it was also very short I enjoyed the chance to spend time with my sister and to just relax.

My time at the Sydney airport was uneventful, I made the most of the Qantas Lounge as was already planning for my next adventure.  My Air Pacific booked ticket then took me back to Brisbane which was the start of my positioning to earn extra status credits and Qantas points.  A short wait in the Brisbane airport and my flight return flight to Melbourne linked to my flight back on 30 October kicked in and I was back home.

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1 Response to 2010 Fiji Trip: Day 8 – Sydney to Brisbane to Melbourne, Australia

  1. You can tell from your pictures that you and your sister had a great time together 🙂

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