World Trip 2011: Day 6 – Sausalito and San Francisco, USA

Sunday 5 June 2011
Highlights: Ferry to Sausalito, walking around Sausalito

Last full day with my Mum before heading off to Anchorage, Alaska.  An early morning start saw another local bus into the city.  This time we travelled to the terminal and walked down to the coast enjoying a short walk to the start of the Piers and a ferry to Sausalito and we got great views of San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz.

Sausalito is a great little city, and as my mum says was the location of Popeye the Movie (starring Robin Williams).  A stroll around the town, some local lollies bought for the nieces and nephews and some local shopping and the morning was quickly over.  We witnessed the kindness of strangers when a bike rider went to the aid of an elderly lady who collapsed.

Shopping in the city was next including a visit to Bloomingdale’s another first for mum.  The metro sexual and other clean cute men was another interesting sight.

We had a problem catching the bus as one went sailing past us with the driver waving back at me, great service I suppose.  Another visit to IHOP and for the first time I actually had pancakes at the International House of Pancakes.  Very nice.  Now for some research on my trip to Alaska.

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