2010 Fiji Trip: Day 4 – Nadi and Viseisei Village, Fiji

Tuesday 2 November 2010
Highlights: Gardens of the Sleeping Giant, Viseisei Village, Vuda Lookout, Sunset Cruise and Cultural Show, Dancing up a storm

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Two was the big activity day as we had booked two tours, one that would take us out of the secure tourist area and into Fiji countryside and a later one to enjoy a sunset dinner.

IMG_5995The countryside tour started after another amazing buffet breakfast.  Our first stop was the Gardens of the Sleeping Giant which was an incredible orchid display.  We also visited the traditional village of Viseisei which was very quiet at the time we visited.  You could see in the design of the buildings that keeping cool is very important, open spaces everywhere to maximise the cooling ocean wind.  This is said to be the first village of Fiji.

IMG_5994The Vuda Lookup was next up and gave us a fairly good view of the surrounding areas we coudl see Nadi Bay and the Yasawa Islands.  We enjoyed a very sweet topical fruit juice, hard to describe the favour but very enjoyable.

This tour gave us a change to us some of the countryside, lots of sugar cane fields, looks of green, and things definitely running on island time.  We settled back into our resort for some ‘recovery’ time before the evenings cruise.

The cruise itself was exceptional fun.  Sitting on a boat as the breeze washes over you and the sunsets it’s bliss itself.  The meal was very nice as well and Kara definitely liked the cocktails!  There was also a cultural show which everyone in attendance enjoyed, I was so sure about the Conga Dance Line that I joined in as well!  I must have gotten Island Madness 🙂



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