2010 Fiji Trip: Day 5 – Nadi, Fiji

Wednesday 3 November 2010
Highlights: Early morning Fiji Tennis, Akuilau Island, Swimming in the ocean
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In theory today was our free day but in reality we had it jam packed with events.  After a late start, getting up at 8 am, and a nice breakfast we found ourselves at the tennis courts later than planned, at 9.45 am.

IMG_5990This was a big mistake as it is very hot in Fiji and an early morning hit might have been better.  At first we were happy that they gave us a 1 hour 15 minute booking and only charged 1 hour but we quickly worked out that we wouldn’t make it that far. Hitting the tennis ball was very different; it might have been due to the humidity or us being on holiday. I eventually won 6-4 after 50 minutes if you can call it winning.  I almost went to my knees when Kara hit the last ball out. I have to say Kara hit a lot of winners during the match.

After a much needed shower we headed off to Port Denarau for Kara to book her Spa Treatment (good timing considering our condition after our match). We took the Balu Bus this time (no more long distance walking today I’m afraid).   Kara managed to an appointment straight away so I headed back to the Resort and our room.  Air conditioning straight on I sat by the window and read my magazines enjoying a cool drink.

About 2 hours later Kara returned with loads of gifts and looking very relaxed. With a lot of courage I agree it was time to leave the air conditioning and head back out, this time we caught a boat out to Akuilau Island just across from the Resort. This was to be our first swim in the ocean which was very refreshing. We also found a pig in a floating ‘cubby’ house we never found out why but I’m guessing it was a pet allowed out when all the guests left the island.

IMG_5991For dinner we went back to the Port Denarau and an excellent meal at Fishbone. We had a cat stalking the place looking for food but some children running around caused the cat to lose interest quickly in us.

An exhausting day of relaxation!

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