2010 Fiji Trip: Day 3 – Melbourne to Nadi, Fiji

Monday 1 November 2010
Highlights:  Business class international flight, Westin Resort, Spa, Cocktail
Trip Photos (on Facebook)

Kara arrived at Melbourne Airport for our 11.59 pm overnight flight to Nadi, Fiji.  Check in was very easy and after a quick check at the Duty Free we found ourselves in the Qantas Business Lounge, a first for Kara.  I managed to convince Kara of the advantages of a shower before an overnight flight. I think Kara enjoyed the open bar 🙂

Boarding the Air Pacific flight we headed for the business class seats which were very nice.  This was my first flight with the Fiji National airline.  Just before leaving Jason gave a goodbye visit and later a wave from the tarmac which he has access to due his job.  We were given portable video players and amenities packs, I watched the “A-Team” movie which was just mediocre.

The flight was uneventful, I managed to get about 2 hours sleep before we landed at Nadi airport just before first light. No problems with the scheduled picked and on arrival at the Westin Resort we were checked straight into our room, a big bonus being it was 7 am in the morning local time.

IMG_5992Later on we walked around the Resort, which is huge since it is linked to the Sheraton.  My niece Erin who stayed back in Australia scored her first gift a straw shirt. We then walked to Port Denarau and a milkshake helped with the warm temperature. Despite being overcast I’m guessing it was around 30 degrees.

On our return to the resort we had a quick power nap and then hit the pools. The spa actually doesn’t use heated water, I guess the entire country is always hot so no need for hot water!

After some cocktails (Kara) and beers (me) we walked back to Port Denarau and had a very nice meal at the Fishbone Restaurant.  Kara again enjoyed a cocktail (notice a pattern), it was great to see her so relaxed.


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