Day 3 Myrtleford: The Easter Tennis Tournament 2010

Steps 24,513
Saturday is the start of the doubles proper; it’s also a chance to lose a lot of money with the horseracing on after a break on Good Friday. It appears that Andrew and Adeline have been able to adjust to Reagan’s snoring from the next room.  I didn’t have any problems at all. I started out today with a C Doubles match with Leon Roche and in a very tight contest we won 7-5 my first win at Myrtleford, I even hit the winning shot so it felt good. Reagan and I then had a chance to redeem ourselves with a win to keep our slim chances alive in the D Doubles. We needed a 7-3 win and that is exactly what we did. I still didn’t think we played that great. We won’t know until tomorrow if we can get though our group but I’d say we only have a 10%.

Andrew and Josh won through to the Final of the B Singles. Unfortunately both of them lost their A Grade Singles Semi-Finals but it was obvious they are both playing extremely well. Andrew however was slightly off his game and Josh took advantage and won 8-1. I’m sure these two will have heaps of finals against each other in future years. They later teamed up to win their first A Grade Doubles match. I’m predicting at least an A Grade final appearance and a successful defence of their B Doubles titles. In one of the last matches of the day Leon and myself had a chance to win our 2nd of 3 round robin matches. We went down 4-7 in a good standard match. We keep losing the sudden death games; I’m starting to think my style of play doesn’t suit sudden death. You need to be willing to loss to win the key points and I usually just work points. Still we have a good chance of getting through the round robin if we win tomorrow. For dinner we went to the Club Pasta night, magnificent food for $15, especially liked the dessert, sticky pudding with ice cream, not good for the weight loss I’m sure! The guys were put at the end of the table, felt like the kids table, and again footy dominated discussions, although my recent trips and the planning behind them got a bit of attention. Andrew, Adeline and the boys went up on the town for dinner and were lucky to get a late booking. Apparently the pub was great with live music but I was surprised to see them all back so early. In fact Adeline and Andrew headed for bed around 11 pm, Andrew reading Zoo magazine for a while, I enjoyed this new magazine called Monthly which has essay style articles on Australian current affairs. Looks like a very good choice to have recently subscribed to. Tomorrow I only have one scheduled match but with luck I might win one of my groups, I’ve always gotten through at least one group stage so the pressure is on.

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