Day 4 Myrtleford: The Easter Tennis Tournament 2010

Steps 17,776
The day started with disappointment with Reagan and me out of D Doubles without even playing, the team that beat us on Friday won their final match today and went through to the knock out final stage. I left Andrew and Adeline with their Easter Eggs which I believe they liked. Erin got a bubble blowing gun which she kept using all day which I had to fix several times. Chocolate favoured bubbles were everywhere. Andrew and Josh won all there A & B Doubles matches during the day, some were very close, hopefully they will win both grades but they will need to play very well to do that.

Leon and I had our final C Doubles match which was a much win to get through to the next stage. We went down 5-7 in a very hard fought match. We lost 4 sudden death games and only won 1 game the same way, in the end that was the difference. Our group of 4 teams was very hard and every match was close, while we only won one match I still think we played well together. I only had one match due to the loss so tomorrow is my mixed matches with Catherine and the last chance to win a group and get to a knock out stage, it won’t be easy. The less said about Essendon stocking and disappointing result against Fremantle the better. Sunday night was our BBQ night, Kara did a great job with the food and I helped clean up. The boys had a great night with Andrew sharing his Cuban Cigars as promised; they completed their epic 3 month journey from our South American trip to finally be smoked here.

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