Day 2 – Myrtleford: The Easter Tennis Tournament 2010

Steps 17,243
The first official day of competition and the hopeful looks on every ones faces said most of us had forgotten last year’s event. I had my first ever C Grade singles match having decided it’s better to lose in C Grade then D Grade. I did okay losing 4-8 to Leigh Rayner a former local who played smarter than me. Basically he got me to made the mistakes, by the time I realised I was too far down to come back. One of the big changes at this year’s tournament is that they have a sudden death point at deuce with the receiver calling the side. That is exactly how I was broken in the last game, with us both just pushing the ball around the court. Despite playing sudden death tennis at Albert Park it will take getting used to, especially since the receiver calls the side. Andrew had a few tough single matches but managed to win everything and get through to the semi-finals in both A and B Grade for tomorrow. He’s good friend Josh managed to do the same and they could both play each other in tomorrow’s finals would be good to watch.

Now if Andrew wins all his four events he will be allowed to get a tattoo, Kara is worried but I’m not. Andrew is still a little off after his 2.5 months overseas with me. Later in the day I played my first Doubles match in D Grade with Reagan. We raced to a 3-0 lead but starting with Reagan losing his serve we only won my serve for the rest of the match and went down 5-7 (you play to 7 in doubles matches). This will hurt us for sure as our tournament is probably over but I’m keen to win the next round robin match.  Friday is fish and chip night at Myrtleford.  Reagan did a great job of organising everything with our orders in around 1.30 pm. This year it came in at just under $350 and we barely waited at all. Lots of disappointed people however who tried to order at 6 pm. My good friend and mixed partner Catherine Orton arrived during the middle of the day and was a welcome addition to our conversation during the night about overseas travel (Catherine is going to Europe soon), current events and the big topic of footy.

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