Day 1 – Myrtleford: The Easter Tournament 2010

Steps 16,490
Day one sees a change in routine with me staying at my place on the Wednesday night. Last night my team beat Avondale Heights by 14 games moving my team firmly back into the top four, so the signs are very good for the upcoming tournament. We left my place around 10 am and I found it much easier to back than bringing my stuff down to Attwood without a car, Reagan staying with me made it much easier. A quick pit stop and Reagan had his belongings and down the Hume Highway we headed. It takes around 3 hours to get to Myrtleford around 266 kms, lots of police on the road raising lots of money for the State Government. Arriving at Myrtleford I found my familiar bunk bed this time staying with Andrew and his girlfriend Adeline. After so much time with Andrew overseas I did recall those times and felt the call of the road again. On the courts we had a couple of practise matches, Tony Hendy and myself lost 3-6 to Andrew and Jordan, I was reminded how much better Andrew is then me, it seems like just yesterday he couldn’t beat me, those days will never come again.

I then teamed with Andrew (a much better idea) and we beat Leon Roche (my C Grade partner) and Tony Hendy 7-5 in a very strong match. Again this made me realise there are some very strong players in our group. It was great seeing some many people again. I called my mixed partner Catherine Orton and she agreed to play Ladies Doubles with my sister Kara. Reagan is still looking for a partner. Both Reagan and Kara lost their original partners. Chinese takeaway made for a good dinner under the stars as we all swap stories. I even mentioned that I might have a chance to work in Washington later in the year. I’m starting to get excited about this idea. I then broke a major losing streak on picking losers in the first round of the footy as Brisbane just beat Carlton. I have a couple of multi beats on the footy with Reagan so it was great to start so well.  Just before lights out I made fun of Andrew ‘reading’ Zoo magazine I pointed out that there wasn’t much writing on the page he was looking at. To my surprise Adeline joined him in rating the women in the magazine. A couple made in heaven it appears.

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