World Trip 2009-2010: Day 16 – Iguassu Falls, Argentina and Brazil

Saturday 12 December 2009
Highlights: Iguassu Falls from Argentina side, speed boat ride under the Falls, Devil’s Throat.

What an amazing, stunning day. First we started with a great included breakfast, the best by far in the trip. It was a little difficult getting Andrew up to breakfast in time and he did struggle a little throughout the day due to a minor headache (ice cream at lunch helped him recover for a short time).   Having dropped off our laundry we headed for our third country of the trip – Argentina.

The border crossing only took about 30 minutes and we were soon back at Iguassu Falls but on the other side.   The group have already decided to take the speed boat option which was pricey at $64 USD each (finally used some US currency) but well worth it.

We started with a truck ride through the rain forest and you guessed it we got a bit of rain but that was the last time for the day.   In Argentina the language is Spanish so we had signs in Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil’s language) and English.

When we got on the speed boat having stripped down to what we were prepared to get wet wearing.   During the course of the next 30 minutes we went under waterfalls 3 times and speed around on the river – fantastic stuff.

After this we went on minor hikes around the low and superior walks and finally a quick train trip and walk to the famous Devil’s Throat.   This is easily the most amazing waterfalls in the world and the photos just don’t do them justice. After a fun day hiking, speed boating and nature watching we left Argentina between and headed back to the hotel.


Andrew immediately fell asleep on his return but I did manage to get him back up just before 9 pm to head up to a club with the group, on this occasion I decided to stay in and prepare for my third country in 3 days, Paraguay tomorrow.

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