World Trip 2009-2010: Day 7 – New York City, USA

Thursday 3 December 2009
Highlights: Brooklyn Bridge, St Paul’s Chapel, National Museum of the American Indian, New York Cinema experience

We caught a train to Brooklyn in order to walk back to Manhattan over the famous Brooklyn Bridge.   We actually got the idea from Sex and the City Movie (embarrassing I know) but the views were fantastic and we picked a great clear day to do this.   We watched a youth group holding onto each other blindfolded in what I assume was a trust exercise.

From here we found St Paul’s Chapel which is close to 300 years old.   This is the church George Washington walked to after becoming the first President.   I had been here before 10 tens ago, when the WTC buildings came down I thought this chapel would be lost.   It was a moving experience; especially the cards from victims.   I was close to tears which I was a little surprised at.

We then went and visited the National Museum of the American Indian which had an interesting collection and lots of stories about the Indian’s connection with horse and the land.   The dresses and outfits are amazing.   The museum is actually the old Customs House and grand in its own right.   The museum pushes messages against the white man but overall is balanced.

The rest of the day was just walking around the city.   Andrew found his daily New York Hotdog, they are good but I’m trying to lose weight so I passed.

We considered going to another show but the ticket lines were over the top so instead we went to the movies which is an New York experience in itself and watched the average movie “Planet 51”.

Back at the hotel I found out our visas had been approved!!!!!   Now I just have to pick them up in time for the flight tomorrow.

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