World Trip 2009: Day 47 – Singapore to Perth, Australia

Tuesday 7 July 2009
Highlights: Easy flight to Perth, View of Swan River

The flight turned out to nearly be empty. I got my aisle seat again but with no one in the window seat I moved over to watch the landing in Perth at the end of the flight. We didn’t have any problems with the 5 hour flight and landed safely on time at 2.05 pm.

Customs and immigration was over very quickly, the good thing about returning home, however this was the easiest I’ve experienced. Sydney and Melbourne Customs and Immigrations at least ask you a couple of questions.  The car hire pick up was easy, well the paperwork was. Showing I was obviously still asleep I went to the wrong spot to pick up the car, the sales guy told me the right thing I obviously just didn’t understand after 20+ hours of travelling.

With the limited maps available I found my hotel (Metro on Canning) and they had my booking (I lost my print outs so this was good). I had good views of Perth and the Swan River, and I was planning on going for a walk but all I could do was watch South Park for a while and then go to sleep. Hopefully the jetlag won’t be too hard.

All I’m planning for tomorrow is to drive to Margaret River via Bunbury and maybe if I’m lucky doing some walking around those towns and maybe a small walk in the State Park near my hotel.

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A World traveller who has so far experienced 71 countries (76 by June 2023) in this amazing world.
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