World Trip 2009: Leg 3 London Summary

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The London leg is now over, I suppose I should call it the Brussels, London & Brighton leg but it was 95% in London. London has had a heat wave over here, most days over 26, normally I’d make fun of that been called a heatwave especially given the 38+ weather in Egypt I experienced but London is not designed for this, and the Tube is like an oven once it gets over 20. Still this meant it was easier to see the outdoor sites since there was no rain. It was great to be able to really see London in depth without the need to move on quickly as in the past.

Some of the highlights include:
– Seeing the ancient Stonehenge site
– Seeing Billy Elliot – great West End show
– The Imperial Museum – especially the holocaust display
– Going to Wimbledon and watching Sam Stouser win her 2nd round match.
– Seeing a 20/20 cricket match at the Oval (Surrey vs Kent)
– Visiting Lord’s
– Cruising down the Thames
– Jon’s flatmate James’ birthday party (Singstar contest!)
– Visiting Greenwich (a great village type suburb and the being of time ie. Greenwich Mean Time – GMT)
– Catching up with Inge (Belgium) and Belinda
– The Royal Pavilion in Brighton (George IVs incredibly opulent, luxurious and crazy ‘house’)

I’m very happy I got to do an extensive stay in London with my side trips to Brussels, Brighton and Stonehenge being particular highlights.

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An Australian World traveler who has been fortunate enough to experience 70 countries so far.
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