World Trip 2009: Day 46 – London to Singapore

Monday 6 July 2009
Highlights: Saying farewell

I said goodbye to London today. Jon actually decided to get to his school a little late and ride with me on the Tube almost all the way to Heathrow Airport. Jon is a very good friend and I know how lucky I am to know him, which has now been for 22 years since we first met at school in Year 7 in 1987.

I organised a thank you package to be delivered to Jon, Jeanne, James and Lora as a thank you for them all letting me stay rent free for close to 2 weeks and for their excellent company. According to the website tracking it got delivered around lunchtime (a UNICEF hamper). I had to catch a few different tube trains to Heathrow but it’s much better to pay 4 pounds than 21 pounds for the express. It took longer than I expected but I still got checked in about 2 hours before take-off. I didn’t get the hoped for upgrade but the A380 economy seats are excellent. Since I got an aisle seat I got up a few times to ensure good circulation.

I was one row between the bassinet row and in front of me I had a very playful baby boy who couldn’t stop smiling. No crying here, in fact smiling Harry made things go even faster. We arrived in Singapore with only 10 minutes to change to QF072 to Perth, the same plane that almost crashed 12 months ago, hopefully no problems this time! Security was very easy, and the gate for the other plane was right next to the one I exited so very hassle free. I was getting excited by the return flight to Perth.  It’s been over 6 weeks since I left Australia.

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