World Trip 2009: Day 48 – Perth to Margaret River, Australia

Wednesday 8 July 2009
Highlights: Bunbury Harbour, Margaret River Nature walk

Today I drove from Perth to Margaret River which is about 300 kms in distance. Along the way I stopped in Bunbury a seaside city of about 30,000. The harbour was nice, and the yachts tell me there is money in this area. I had planned to watch a movie instead of just driving the whole way but it turns out it is school holidays over here making that impossible.  I arrived at Margaret River at about 3 pm feeling very tired, I’m guessing due to both the driving and the jetlag. The accommodation is fine and they handed me a good map of the local area.

Setting off into the town I found a small nature walk, the plan is that on Friday I’ll do a few more of these.   It’s amazing how green the local area is, I suppose it is a wine region but you expect WA to not be that green, at least not greener than Melbourne!

After some difficulties finding a wine tour (it’s off peak season) I settled on the Bushtucker Winery Tour for tomorrow. While I’m not a big wine person I’m still looking forward to this.  Finally I watched the Ashes Test match on SBS, the time difference in WA means the days play ends at 1 am very watchable. It is a regret I couldn’t stay in England to go and see Australia play; I suppose something for the future.

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