World Trip 2009: Day 37 – London, England

Saturday 27 June 2009
 Tate Modern, Millennium Bridge, The Thames, Singstar on the PS3

Today I visited Tate Modern, an art gallery displaying modern art, which at times can get very weird. The surrealists in particular seem to know nothing but naked women bodies, or at least pieces of them very distorted. Tate Modern is an old power station and they make the most of the building, it doesn’t look good on the outside but has heaps of interesting displays. The views from the building of the Thames are very nice.

My visit to Tate Modern was via the walking path along the Thames, walking pass The Globe Theatre, The Golden Hinde (1600s boat), The Millennium Bridge, and then up to the London Eye and later Westminster (Parliament) you could really feel the London experience.

Being a Saturday they had people selling second hand items (books etc), the atmosphere was brilliant and I really enjoyed the day. Later that night we had James 28th Birthday party. At one point I had a go at Singstar on the PS3 against Jon (REM – Losing My Religion) and I came off second best. Jeanne was the star beating Lora, Jon, James and me. The alcohol consumed by the 20 odd guests was very high, at one point we left for a local pub but poor James ran out of stream around midnight and had to be guided back home. I last saw him passed out on his bed; I’m not sure when he’ll return to the land of the living!

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