World Trip 2009: Day 36 – London, England

Friday 26 June 2009
Charles Dickens London Tour

Today I set off to the Borough Market, recommended by Jeanne I took the bus (no. 133) instead of the Tube and did manage to find it (went one stop too far however). The Borough Market is an organic and fresh food market which I’m sure my friends Adrian and Natalie would love.

From here I crossed the Thames and walked towards the Tower of London, and Tower Bridge. While I didn’t go into it today I did spot the beef-eaters and an archery contest inside the moat area. From here I walked to the start of my next walking tour – Charles Dickens and viewed the London Eye while waiting. Unfortunately the Charles Dickens walk took in a lot of the same sights as the Inns of Court tour but the stories more than made up for this disappointment. I also learnt how far and wider the Thames used to be and used the Old Curiosity Shop mentioned in one of Dickens novels. The old guy had 10 children and then sent his wife away.

I had planned to go on another walking tour at night but Jon suggested we all spend sometime together at the flat. I’ve been trying to stay out of Jon’s hair as he is trying to get his official UK teaching qualifications and the assessment date is next Friday 3 July 2009, I hope he does well. It turned out that our night at the flat was setting up James new Playstation 3. Since James is having a 28th birthday party tomorrow we needed to get everything ready including the PS3.

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