World Trip 2009: Day 10 – San Diego, USA

After travelling by bus in San Francisco we moved to a trolley (tram) in San Diego. A great system that saw us go from one end of the blue line (Old Town) to the other end (San Ysidro – a boarder town with Mexico). On the way we saw the San Diego Marathon (they had marching bands as well).

I liked the old town, the homesteads in particular. Mum however didn’t seem to like the Bazaar del Mundo which she recalled as bigger and cheaper. From the end of the line we then went to the city or more accurately the wharf area and enjoyed a stroll around the coast. A short stop of back near our hotel and off we went to the boarder. Originally we had planned on going to Mexico but the swine flu concerns put that off the agenda. We did however get very close, I’d say within 800 meters. I took a photo of a giant Mexico flag on the other side of the boarder.

My mum wasn’t impressed with the living standard of San Ysidro, saying being close to Mexico must bring it down. To be fair compared to San Diego, the clearest US city it did look run down. The trolley ride did give us both a chance to see the locals going about their day.  Never underestimate the value of using local public transport to understand locals.

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