World Trip 2009: Day 9 – San Diego (Sea World), USA

Today has a big theme park day, something I was looking forward to. My mum wasn’t happy with the $12 car parking fee but I told her in advance this is how it is done.

Sea World highlights:
Shamu Show (whales performing people got very wet on a cold day!!)
Dolphin Discovery (brilliant, they are lovely creatures)
Sea Lions Show (basically send ups of shows like survivor, idol etc – very funny)
Pet’s Rule (American’s are pet crazy over here)
Cirque de la Mer (circus on water – the best)

I also went on a few rides, Shipwreck Rapids, Journey to Atlantis and Wild Arctic (one of those motion rides very good).

My mum got her photo with the muscled acrobats from the circus show and I think she had a great time. This didn’t stop her from wanting to go back to the shops later a buy Reagan a gift. For the first time she is concerned she has too much to bring back.  I sense a story when she tries to check her bags in later!!

About Nathan

An Australian World traveler who has been fortunate enough to experience 56 countries so far.
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