World Trip 2009: Day 8 – Las Vegas to San Diego, USA

Friday 29 May 2009
Highlights: Las Vegas Outlet, Chula Vista Shopping Mall

Another big driving day (about 5.5 hours), but first we had one more go at gambling and somehow we both won, my mum won about $20 and I finished up $1 (hey it’s a win).

My mum then used her winning to buy more presents at the Las Vegas Outlet on the way out… I really don’t want to see her credit card bill.  The Good Nite Hotel Chula Vista in San Diego is fairly basic but I believe in a good location. My mum likes 4 star accommodation but at 2 star cost, as I said it’s just a place to sleep.

She got much happier once she saw the Chula Vista Shopping Mall. This was her first real chance to see the big stores i.e. Macy’s JC Penny and others, anyway this turned out to be another big buying day, the grandchildren are going to get spoilt when she gets back.

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