World Trip 2009: Day 5 – Las Vegas, USA

Tuesday 26 May 2009
Highlights: Premium Shopping Outlet, Legends in Concert Performance

Today was my mum’s dream day, well maybe tomorrow is but today came close. We spent maybe 5 hours at the Premium Shopping Outlet complex, it is HUGE. In the walkways you are exposed to the environment but they have this kind of fans that shoot out water / mist that keep you from drying up (but not getting hot).

Anyway I got caught by a petty sales girl and before I knew it I was working away with some beauty products 🙂 Let’s see if they actually work lol. Anyway every time you start to walk away they cut the price, she much have thought at one point I knew how the game was played and I was trying to get a better price. In the end however good looking women rubbing products onto a guy’s skin will always win (I saw other guys get trapped as well). How women don’t run the world I’ll never know.

My mum had a great time. I’ll sure Mr Visa and Mr AMEX will be very happy as well. I kept reminding her of the limits for baggage.

We then went to our first show of the trip – LEGENDS IN CONCERT. They had the following impersonators:

  • James Brown (great)
  • Britney Spears (very good even had a K-Fed look alike dancer)
  • The Temptations
  • David Bowie (good singer but the songs weren’t that great) and
  • Elvis

Really good fun, especially watching the female audience members getting kissed by Elvis, he was lucky to survive. At great day and night.

Tomorrow I get to visit another shopping outlet and at night see The Phantom of the Opera Vegas show. Should be good. I know my mum who loves the Phantom (see it 9 times she believes) sees this has the highlight.

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