World Trip 2009: Day 5 – Las Vegas, USA

Today was my mum’s dream day, well maybe tomorrow is but today came close. We spent maybe 5 hours at the Premium Shopping Outlet complex, it is HUGE. In the walkways you are exposed to the environment but they have this kind of fans that shoot out water / mist that keep you from drying up (but not getting hot).

Anyway I got caught by a petty sales girl and before I knew it I was working away with some beauty products 🙂 Let’s see if they actually work lol. Anyway every time you start to walk away they cut the price, she much have thought at one point I knew how the game was played and I was trying to get a better price. In the end however good looking women rubbing products onto a guy’s skin will always win (I saw other guys get trapped as well). How women don’t run the world I’ll never know.

My mum had a great time. I’ll sure Mr Visa and Mr AMEX will be very happy as well. I kept reminding her of the limits for baggage.

We then went to our first show of the trip – LEGENDS IN CONCERT. They had the following impersonators:

James Brown (great)

Britney Spears (very good even had a K-Fed look alike dancer)

The Temptations

David Bowie (good singer but the songs weren’t that great) and


Really good fun, especially watching the female audience members getting kissed by Elvis, he was lucky to survive. At great day and night.

Tomorrow I get to visit another shopping outlet and at night see The Phantom of the Opera Vegas show. Should be good. I know my mum who loves the Phantom (see it 9 times she believes) sees this has the highlight.

About Nathan

An Australian World traveler who has been fortunate enough to experience 56 countries so far.
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