World Trip 2009: Day 4 – San Francisco to Las Vegas, USA

Monday 25 May 2009
Highlights: Minor car accident, Free Treasure Island Outdoor Show

Before setting off from San Francisco I noticed on the TV that Vegas was expecting temp of 92, way higher than what we have been experiencing so far so the shorts made their first appearance 🙂

Anyway after 600 miles (8.5 hours of driving plus 30 minute break) we arrived at Las Vegas Circus Circus. The bad news is after avoiding any accidents for 1,000+ miles when parking I ‘hit’ a stationary pillar and caused some minor damage to the car; this is going to be real fun explaining to the car rental place but hopefully minor enough not to be an issue.  How I missed all those crazy drivers but ended up hitting something stationary…. damn.

Anyway Circus Circus is a little run down (compared to the new big casinos) but still very good especially for the price. We took off down the strip to pick up our show tickets for the next few days.   We got caught at the Treasure Island hotel which puts on a free show at night every hour or so. Well all I can say is that it was one step away from softcore show. I suppose the ‘sirens’ had clothes on but you’d really have to look closely to see any 🙂

I enjoyed the show as did most of the guys in the audience but wow a few of the girlfriends / wives probably didn’t appreciate the cheers as the sirens killed the pirates and danced the night away. The first real day of summer and we hear the President is in town tomorrow, should be interesting.

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A World traveller who has so far experienced 71 countries in this amazing world.
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