World Trip 2009: Day 3 – San Francisco, USA

Sunday 24 May 2009
Highlights: Ghirardelli Square, Fisherman’s Wharf

Today we headed into the CBD to visit the attractions in the Wharf district. Catching a local bus mum was surprised at the number of homeless people she saw on the route and some of the locals, as I told her you see the real side of the city when you go on public transport.

Anyway we ended up working over 20,000 steps for the day (pedometer says that is about 10.8 kms) starting at the Port Terminal we went pass all 43 piers. Mum had a great time shopping, buying things for everyone and enjoying Pier 39 in particular. Except I should say the Sea Lions who she said smelled really bad.

Despite the fact it was only about 17 degrees we end up at Ghirardelli Square which houses a chocolate and ice cream place. Now I did have an ice cream (waffle cone, 2 scopes of ice cream), it tasted great but I thought it best to wait a few minutes before going outside until I warmed up again. Being a Sunday the crowds were still big despite the weather. It’s always interesting to watch a big crowd shopping, eating and having fun.’ Oh and I got to see the famous cable car, I didn’t go on it but I did watch them manually swing it around at the base.

It’s been a good start to this unusual trip, one part family travelling, one part touring and one part catching up with friends. Tomorrow we head of to Las Vegas a very big car drive is in store for me. ‘

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