World Trip 2009: Day 2 – San Francisco / Sausalito, USA

Saturday 23 May 2009
Highlights: Sausalito, Muir Woods, Golden Gate Bridge

After a long sleep of about 10.5 hours (waking up a few times) I was over my jetlag and ready for the first day of seeing the local area.  We started with a good breakfast included with our stay at Best Western Grosvenor Hotel located next the airport (very good for the price) and headed out at about 10 am.

We decided today we would visit the famous Muir Woods (think forest scenes Return of the Jedi) and Sausalito (think Popeye movie). This meant we got to drive over the Golden Gate bridge, all I can say is it is HUGE. Sausalito is a great little town full of boats for the weekend seamen and shops and great views for the tourists. Lots to see including a gridiron field which I got my photo taken.

I could see Alcatraz in the distance, looked like you could swim it but as we know most who tried died (strong currents).’ We also went into a local national park to get great views of the Golden Gate bridge and surrounding area, very beautiful even if it was a cold overcast day.

Yes it’s the start of summer in the USA but it didn’t get over 60 which I think is about 17 back home. I got to walk under the bridge and get some good photos (I hope). We also hiked around Muir Woods after some long and winding roads.  Try it driving on the wrong side of the road especially when you rarely drive at all these days!

Again the views were great and I couldn’t help but think about my upcoming time in Egypt and how it won’t be about big huge trees and green grass etc.’

Side story – My mum couldn’t help herself when she saw a penny on the ground (one cent) and had to go get it – yes a one cent piece worth nothing and with her arthritis she still went for it saying money is money.  I don’t bend down for anything less than 50 cents 🙂 it has to be worth it.

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