World Trip 2009: Day 6 – Las Vegas, USA

Wednesday 27 May 2009
Highlights: Shopping at The Vegas Outlet, The Phantom of the Opera performance

Today saw another shopping outlet visit this time The Vegas Outlet which has about 130 shops. I think I bought my recently departed leather jacket from this place many years ago. I almost bought a couple of Reebok runners, it was a great deal but the thought of carrying them around the world put a stop to that. I’d ask my mum to take them back but I think she’ll have enough problems carrying everything she has bought already!

I did manage to say NO to the pretty girls selling beauty products today. I’m not sure if it has me having some backbone or being a penny pincher.

The night saw us heading for what is my mum’s trip highlight the Phantom of the Opera show. She even made sure I had a good button up shirt for the occasion. I have to say it was spectacular and worth the money. I’ll be keeping the ‘playbill’ for future remembrance.

This is my mum’s 10th (yes 10th) viewing of Phantom, and on the long walk back down the strip (we are staying at the cheaper Circus Circus) I got a retelling of those performances. All in all a good night.

We decided that we will no longer go visit the Grand Canyon. I’ve seen it, my mum isn’t that interested and it would be a 9 hour round trip without stopping. This gives me more time to gamble…. hopefully not all my trip money 🙂

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