Short Break 2008: Day 2 – Brisbane

Only got a little sleep due to both the fantastic lightening from the storm and my brothers loud snoring, if you can call it that! Anyway got and early breakfast and checked out the starting times for Quantum of Solace the new James Bond flick.   We caught a cab to the second day of the Australia Vs New Zealand test match since Reagan had a blister, only cost $6 so obviously we are staying close. A very big day at the cricket, 16 wickets and 280 runs so it was very enjoyable.   Have to think that Hayden hasn’t got long to play for Australia.   On the other hand Katich a player I’ve never really liked impressed me.   The Gabba is a very good ground however it is a little cramped for room and they is little public transport compared to Melbourne.

This is my 6 Test cricket venue (Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Joh-burg, Christchurch and Brisbane).   I still have Perth, Hobart and Darwin (if they play there again).   Always a good excuse to travel and see Australia.

I liked the James Bond movie.   While not as good as Casino Royale it was very enjoyable.   I’ve always been a fan of 007 films but luckily their style has changed with me over the years.   Moves I enjoyed in the 80s and 90s I find difficult to watch now.   The movies have fewer gadgets now and even less black and white, with flawed characters on the hero’s side.   I suppose as you grow up you start to see the grey areas of life more and more.

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