Short Break 2008: Day 3 – Brisbane

Next time I have to remember ear plugs when sleeping in the same room as my brother.   I thought at different times he had stopped breathing but then suddenly the train crashes was heard again 🙂

Today was the last day of this mini trip with a trip scheduled to the Doomben races.   Back during our Australia Day Weekend mini trip earlier in the year we did really bad day at the Cheltenham races.   I’m sorry to report that once again we helped the local economy by donating our money to the local TAB and bookies. I’ve had a terrible, terrible spring racing period for betting.   I used to at least win once and a while but lately it’s all loses.

The betting gods obviously are trying to send me a message. With the little money left for a cab fare we headed back to the airport a little earlier than I would have like.   However having QANTAS Club membership is good for these times as I can get something to eat, drink and write blogs to remind me of all these trips. You never know what tomorrow holds, or what we might no longer have.   I write these posts for myself, so one day I can read them and remember these times, when I still have most of my family especially Erin, Darby, Harry and Andrew.

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