Short Break 2008: Day 1 – Brisbane

Feeling the need to take another short Australian break I helped organise a birthday trip for my brother Reagan on behalf of our immediate family.

Having spent the night in Attwood (near the Melbourne airport) we got to the airport at the ungodly time of 6.15 am about 30 minutes before boarding time.   I took Reagan into the QANTAS business class lounge.   I really enjoyed the pancakes and orange juice, I tried to tell myself they are part of my new eat big breakfast health plan….. but they taste way too good to be part of a health plan! The trip was uneventful, I scored an aisle seat and got Reagan a window seat, and we ended up with no one between us so that was a bonus.   Anyway we caught the Airtrain to South bank train station and walked about 30 minutes to the Gabba.   Unbelievably they don’t allow day packs into the ground but eskies are okay!!!!!   Given it was so hot I did a strip tease for the locals and changed into shorts in public.   Maybe this can be a new career 🙂 The game was fine; Australia got bowled out near the end of the day.

Sitting in the beer drinking public area was good fun.   Bikini clad babes sculling beers to the approval of the crowd was free extra entertainment. We walked back to our hotel, Royal on the Park, which is located on the edge of the CBD.   Took about 50 minutes but should have been less Reagan got a bluster I believe.   After getting tea at Nando’s we just got back to the hotel in time for the storm.   A great display better than New Year’s Eve fireworks.   Brisbane is really suffering from bad storms, with luck we should be okay for this short trip.

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