Travel for 2009 just got interesting

Due to a large number of reasons including the desire to catch up with friends in Europe and my nephew wanting to cut down the big 2009 trip (due to increased costs) I’m now going on two different trips in 2009.

Trip 1: USA – Egypt – London – Copenhagen – Bangkok
This first trip will see me going accompanying my mother Helen for her 5th trip back to USA. That particular leg will see use staying around Los Angeles, visiting Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, and Tijuana in Mexico. Egypt is the tour I’ve wanted to do since 2006 and is the major reason I’m doing this trip. London is catching up with friends.

Trip 2: New Zealand – South America – New York – Orlando – Honolulu
This is the really big trip of 72 days travelling with my nephew Andrew for the entire time. His family (Kara, Jason & Erin) will be part of the New Zealand leg. Since this is a big change from my previous plans I have heaps of planning to do, however I think I’m now an expert in maximising flights for costs. I’m waiting on my new passport, and I can say its heaps better than the last photo that looks like I was drunk and suffered from a mental disability. Finally I won’t have custom officials laughing and pointing at me

About Nathan

A World traveller who has so far experienced 71 countries in this amazing world.
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