Tennis Victory!

Last night my tennis team managed to win our mixed B Reserve 2 grade semi-final by 2 games, meaning next week we have a Grand Final.   My nephew Andrew and myself won our men’s set 6-0 our first 6-0 score of the season.   In the end we had to win the last mixed set which we (Sue and myself) did 6-4 in a very long set.    Both my knees are feeling snore today and indication of the match length, the mod grass surface and my age 🙂 Last year we lost in the semi-final after being top and only losing one game.   We actually lost on sets (so a draw on games).   This season we went up a grade, finished top (but lost 2 games both by big scores) and got to the GF with a tough win.   Our GF opponents should probably be favourites (they beat our under strength team by 20 games in Round 1, Round 8 was a wash out).   One of their men finished up 15 games (so lost 3 games in 3 sets) and they only won by 5 overall.   Obviously we will need to contain him.

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An Australian World traveler who has been fortunate enough to experience 56 countries so far.
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