Losing Tennis Final

Well on Wednesday night we played our big Grand Final in B Reserve 2.   Unfortunately we went down very badly on the scoreboard.   Last season we finished top with one loss and then lost the semi-final on sets (i.e. a draw).

This year we finished top with two losses in a higher grade, won the semi-final but lost the grand final. The opposition however were way too good for us.   Last season we missed a chance to win the whole thing, this year the opposition as a whole were too good.   I did manage to play in the only set we won with the beautiful Elizabeth Hay 6-5.   Liz served out the match with a very sore serving shoulder; she was very keen to get that set.   Well done SG!!   I don’t mind losing to a better team, in fact it usually makes you better in the long run.

As for next season, it looks like we have played our last season as a team together.   Andrew and Sue are looking to play in B Special with other very good players and Liz has year 12 exams etc to worry about.   I might have played my last game with Mt Carmel.   You never know however.

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