World Trip 2009-2010 Planning Update

Andrew and I have done some early planning for our world trip in 2009-2010.   My sister and Andrew’s mum Kara thought it would be a good idea to work out a plan now so we have some idea of cost (and see if this could be done), so I did a phantom booking as if we were going this year.  The plan below has us leaving on Tuesday 27 November (at 23.59!!) and returning Wednesday 27 February at 9.30 so a 3 month trip.

1st Leg – Egypt Melbourne to Cairo (via London)
Duration:     15 Days
Tour:  The Egyptian Journey (with GAP Adventures)

Local guide and entry fee to Pyramids and The Sphinx – Egyptian museum – Citadel and excursion to Khan al-Khalili bazaar – Nubian village dinner – Felucca Sailing Trip (The Nile) – Kitchner Island – Karnak temple – Valley of The Kings and Medinat habu – Mt. Sinai climb.

2nd Leg – England Cairo to London
Duration:       13 days

Tower of London Big Ben Shakespeare’s Globe theatre Premier League Match Possible side trip to Paris, France

3rd Leg – USA (New York) London to New York
Duration:   9 days

Time Square New Year’s Eve!!! New York Nicks (NBA) Statue of Liberty Empire State Building Central Park Broadway Show Comedy shows plus a possible side trip to Niagara Falls

4th Leg – South America (Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil) New York – Lima (via Miami)
Duration:   47 days (1 day before tour, 45 day tour and 1 day after tour)
Tour: Southern Cross (with GAP Adventures)

Day tour Nazca Cemetery and potter’s workshop.  Guided tour of Colca Canyon (overnight).  Guided tour of the Sacred Valley.   A 4-day hike on the Inca Trail with a local guide, a cook and porters.  Guided tour of Machu Picchu.  Guided tour of Taquile and Uros Islands on Lake Titicaca.  3-day 4 wheel drive excursion to the Salar de Uyuni.  2-day wildlife excursion to the Pantanal. Visit to Iguassu Falls

Home – Lima – Melbourne (via Miami & Los Angeles)

So if Andrew was finished Year 12 this year and I actually had some money this is what we could do.   Now due to some of the flights (in LA for 5 hours, Santiago for 4 hours, 2 hours London) having access to a First Class lounge (or any lounge) would be ideal.   Anyway this is all subject to change but I think it is a good trip with great things to do from the Pyramids & the Nile, to London and New York, perhaps seeing Niagara, crossing the Inca Trail and finishing up in party town Rio!!!

While I’ll be repeating some things again I think they are worth a second visit and Andrew shouldn’t miss London & New York. Let me know what you think!

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