Lack of Sleep

Last night I just couldn’t get to sleep.   I know it happens sometimes but after a very late night the previous night (something like 1.50 am) and an early wake up (for me) from someone calling my mobile (why did I leave it on??) I thought I’d be out like a light, probably even before 11.30 pm (I never sleep that early). I’m not sure if it was caused by work pressures (my project has key dates coming up), money situation (still paying off last trip – will take at least 15 more months after Paris incident) or on a bright side the excitement over the early planning of my 2009/2010 trip with my nephew Andrew (I e-mailed out an initial plan around midnight).   I don’t think it was stress related; sometimes my brain just will not stop (which might surprised some people). Anyway at around 3 am I gave up and remembered the cricket as on and watched Shane Watson hit six after six against New Zealand.   At least I used Foxtel for once even if only at 3 am in the morning.   I’ve been thinking of cancelling it but I watched the cricket and then today my beloved Bombers beat the Saints so I got good value.   Anyway hopefully tonight is better as I have a very big week coming up at work with 2 external workshops to mention to them for the first time the new SMSF Annual Return I am creating.   There has been some press about what we are doing but only in the background, will be interesting if it gets mentioned once we start co-design/consultation, I expect it will in specialised media.

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A World traveller who has so far experienced 71 countries in this amazing world.
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