Myrtleford Tennis 2007

Each and every year since 1998 every Easter I go up to Myrtleford to play in their local tennis tournament but far more importantly to relax and catch up with friends.   Last year was an exception as I was in South Africa making a new friend in Inge.

The four days spent up there are usually a highlight of the year.   The first night (Thursday) people start arriving and usually we have a quick hit on the courts and say hi to the locals (they somehow remember you each year).   The first night people from my tennis club usually build a fire at our campsite and enjoy the night catch up and drinking a few beers.   The fire outside at that time of the year is great, with the weather just starting to get cold. The Friday is Single Matches day (a few Doubles matches late in the day).

At night being Good Friday all the families get together and have a big Fish ‘n’ Chips night.   Kids running everywhere, parents/adults enjoying themselves as we tell stories of our close and heroic losses 🙂

Saturday is when we get serious (well not really) as we start to get into our Double matches.   Some of our group go bike riding or hiking.   That night will usually have a BBQ and watch the Footy.   The younger ones in the group head out to the town looking for some parties.  Jacqueline Damien is famous for this!!

Sunday is Easter.   Some years we have hidden Easter Eggs for the kids.  One year bunny feet somehow were found around the campsite.   Some years a few adults join in the Easter Egg hunt and are seen with chocolate mouths later 🙂   Sunday is also the day when the fun Mixed Doubles start and we has a group have a formal night out for dinner somewhere.   Usually this is the best day.

Monday is the end, all the finals are played and for most of us who go knocked out we still get one Mixed match.   Trophies are handed out late in the day and most of us head back home talking all the way home about great matches, great times and great friends.

The clean air, wonderful locals and timeout from life make for a beautiful time.   I’m looking forward to it again.   So many people to see, so many stories to tell.   This is life! BTW My teammates (aka those who carry me) this years are: ‘D’ Singles – Me (so and early exit) ‘D’ Doubles – My brother Reagan ‘C’ Doubles – My nephew Andrew and ‘D’ Mixed – My good friend Catherine Coutts Watch out for photos and stories this year now that I have blog!!!

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