Tennis Update

Well my progress (such as it is) for the Easter Myrtleford Tennis Tournament continues.   I’m currently a member of the Wednesday night Mixed Tennis team in B Reserve 2.   After this week we now have 4 wins and 1 loss and I’m feeling like I’m hitting the ball very well.

The match prior to this one I played only 3 hours after being knocked out at a hospital so they could do a gastroscopy.   I played as I felt well and I need the practise.   We had an interesting ‘incident’ during last night’s match.

My partner Sue become very upset the opposition would not replay what turned out to be the 2nd last point of our set.   While Sue was I believe correct after the match she didn’t shake hands and swear about the other female player (but not at her, it was a private conversation).

An opposition male player got upset about this and threatened to report her for the language.   I think that would have been a first, a male reporting a female for bad language, all the time I was thinking you should come down to the Men’s Comp!!   Anyway we won on a close night.

Now if only I could lose the festival spirit weight I gained 🙂

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