It’s been a while since I last posted and heaps has occurred in my life.   I’m been readmitted into hospital (it was just to be safe I was out later in the day) and lately I’ve found some direction and strangely relaxation.

I went to see Australia Vs England at the MCG on 12 January with the beautiful Natalie.   The game wasn’t much but the company was great, got to check out the new dining room and visit the museum.   It was good to just talk about everything and anything.

For some reason I find it easy to talk to females on a different level them males. For a few reasons Natalie’s husband Adrian moved in temporarily while they searched for a new home.   While Adrian only stayed for a very short while and has just moved out it was good to have his company.

Adrian can be intense but his heart is in the right place and his always searching for answers to life and his place.   Bottom line he’s looking to be happy and make sure those around him are in the same place.   Sometimes being aware of life and what is happening in the world can be a burden but I’m thinking he has a great future ahead.

My nephew Andrew stayed over during the Australia Day weekend.   We played one set which went for about an hour, he won in a tie break 7-6 (8-6).   We then went bowling at Crown Casino and actually had a draw, 2 games 1 each and total score were equal really hard to believe. I’m starting to think that the holiday period is not a great time for me.   Too much time alone without someone special I suppose does that.   However once you (aka me) get out of your (my) room and starting connecting again with people you see that you are connected more than you realised. This last week I was in Brisbane and Canberra interviewing for promotions inside the Australian Taxation Office.   For the first time I actually felt like the older guy in the organisation.   I’m only 33, still very young, but I saw the next generation of younger officers during to make a career.   I saw something of myself a few years ago.   I realised I’ve come ago way and I’ve achieved a lot of things and that I don’t need to feel inadequate or like I don’t belong.   I actually started feeling calmer and more relaxed each day.   I’m no longer the up and comer, I can relax a little and maybe help others. The applicants for the most part had the energy but only a few the achievements.   I don’t need to prove anything anymore to anyone else.   Sure I’ll still push myself and try to learn (it’s me after all) but in the end only my opinion of myself matters.   Hopefully this transfers to other matters in life.

About Nathan

An Australian World traveler who has been fortunate enough to experience 56 countries so far.
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