World Trip 2006: Day 60 – Munich to Antwerp, Belgium

Saturday 27 May 2006
Highlights: Our Lady’s Cathedral, Grote Market, Steen Castle

Somehow surviving the Munich-Antwerp overnight bus trip (after having to pay 70 euro  twice – a long story) my new angel picked me up and we were off on a great adventure.

Inge, my new local friend who I meet earlier on this trip in South Africa, had organised a very full day which started with a nice shower at her place and a beautiful breakfast.   Inge has definitely set a standard for me if she ever visits Melbourne.  We went on two different walking tours.

Highlights included; Our Lady’s Cathedral which took 170 years to build (1352-1521), in gothic style; City Hall which is located in Grote Market and was built between 1561-1565; and Steen Castle built in the 12th Century.

We ended the night catching up with some of Inge’s friends (Steven, Philippe, Caroline and Steve) who wanted all the dirt on her from South Africa, sorry guys Inge is far too sweet a girl to give dirt out on.   I have to say that the beer is very strong in Antwerp.

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