World Trip 2006: Day 59 – Munich, Germany

Friday 26 May 2006
Highlights: Recovering from too much beer, scouting World Cup venue

Well I have never ever got in such a bad state as I was last night.   The pub crawl motto is ‘the best night you won’t remember’ unfortunately I remember most of it.   The crawl starts with one hour of ‘free’ beer, as much as you can have.   That was the first mistake; the second one was drinking 1 litre beers as quickly as possible at each place we visited. After starting at 7.30 pm I decided to stop around midnight, unfortunately it was too late.

The different beers didn’t agree with each other and after about 20 minutes of sweating with my head resting quietly on the table I was sick.   Not once, not twice, but three times.   Luckily the guy running it (Steve from memory) was cool and even got me back to my hostel. I’ve been drunk before, I’ve been high in Amsterdam and I’ve been sick with food poisoning however I have never ever thrown up because of beer.   I wrecked a top and I’ll need to wash my pants again.   I was really wasted.

Waking up the next morning I had to check out otherwise I would have slept the whole day.   The good thing is the pure Munich beer meant no hangover, however i still could think straight and I suspect my walking was sight to behold for the first hour walking around.

So I walked very slowly around Munich for about an hour trying not to be sick again, after getting something to eat and sitting in the light rain for another hour (the rain actually helped) I started to pull it together.   I suppose I said I wanted to do different things on this trip so I asked for this; it’s weird that I have done heaps of crawls before but never had this happen.

I used the rest of the day to scout out Munich for the World Cup.   The Eurolines bus I’m catching tonight is right at the Soccer Stadium (which is already locked down).   I also went to the airport to time how long it takes.   I think I should be right for operation World Cup on 24 June.   Well I’m now off for an overnight bus from Munich to Brussels and then a short train ride to Antwerp to catch up with my new friend Inge, which is a change in my original plans.   Hopefully I’ll survive the overnight bus trip.

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