World Trip 2006: Day 58 – Munich, Germany

Thursday 25 May 2006
Highlights: Fruenkirche Church, Glockenspiel Clock

I spent the day walking around Munich.   I managed to see people surfing in the middle of the city, yes surfing!  Munich has created a river that allows keen people to surf (it was cold and raining and they were still doing it!).   The surfing is in the English Gardens which also is supposed to have nude sunbathing, alas not on this day 😦

I visited Fruenkirche (Church of Our Lady) which the current Pope was Cardinal of from 1977 to 1983.   Actually Munich is very proud of having a local being the Pope as you can see Pope Benedict’s face in a lot of places.

I also visited the Glockenspiel (Carillon) were 3 times a day the clock comes alive and the German’s beat the France. As this was a public holiday here (Accession Day) most things were closed but I have a Pub Crawl planned for later tonight so that should make up for things not being open.

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