World Trip 2006: Day 61 – Antwerp, Belgium

Sunday 28 May 2006
Highlights: Antwerp Diamond Museum, Fort Breendonk, Rubens House

After staying at a very nice hostel Inge picked me up and we were off on another fun packed day.   Today we visited the Antwerp Diamond Museum (over 50% of diamonds come through Antwerp), the security was Very tight so unfortunately no samples or presents for anyone 😦

We then visited the very famous Antwerp artist Rubin’s old house.   Rubin made over 2000 paintings and other art works mostly be instructing his students!

The tour ended with a very sobering visit to Fort Breendonk, a Gestapo camp from 1940 to 1944.   Hearing the stories and seeing the photos can’t help but move you.   I found particularly interesting the stories about the Belgium citizens who joined the local SS.

Also most SS or Gestapo personnel were either unemployment or accountants before the war, both people I dealt with at my last two jobs!

I really need to mention Inge’s family; they made me dinners and a breakfast and let me into their home.   I was a very lucky traveller to have such great hosts and I loved Inge’s family including her Grandfather. Lastly I owe a huge debt to Inge who really looked after me and is such a wonderful person.   Really this is what travelling is all about.

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