World Trip 1999-2000: Day 22 – Dallas to San Antonio, USA

Wednesday 1 December 1999
: JFK Sixth Floor Museum.

We could not get the AAA membership today so it felt like we wasted a bit of time trying to organise this and purchase of a car. We did however do a lot of walking around Dallas to take in the sites.

We visited the excellent Sixth Floor Museum formerly known as the Texas School Book Depository from which President John F Kennedy was shot. The museum had an enormous amount of information on what happened on that day and the consequences on America. We displays and documentaries were very detailed and moving at times. The museum also included information on Kennedy’s years as President. Well worth a visit.

So with no car purchase it will be the bus for use to get around USA, the plan is to try to do the longer trips overnight to save on accommodation.  So we caught a five hour Greyhound bus to San Antonio and just managed to get to the hostel as they were shutting their doors. Staying once again in a dorm room, this time with 16 other people is certainly different from motel stays!

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