World Trip 1999-2000: Day 21 – Dallas, USA

Tuesday 30 November 1999
: Air conditioning, friendly Texans

We spent the day trying to organise a car for our trip around USA. The day didn’t start well when we overslept which I’m putting down to the time zone difference not being lazy but I guess we will see.

Unfortunately the car insurance information haven’t been faxed though. I rang Kara who will organise for Lana to obtain my information form AMP back home. However it isn’t looking great for purchasing a car going by the prices we saw today so a Greyhound pass to travel around the USA is looking more likely.

Tomorrow we decided we would try and purchase AAA car membership and visit the JFK Book Depository Memorial and associated sites.

I must add that it has been great to stay in a place with air conditioning after Honolulu, a TV (with cable) and a comfortable bed again. Also all the Texans we interacted with seem very friendly. The weather was nice and mild as well, I think visiting here in their winter is a good idea.

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