World Trip 1999-2000: Day 20 – Honolulu to Los Angeles to Dallas, USA

Monday 29 November 1999
: Making it to Dallas

Sleeping last night proved to be very different when we had two women next door fighting and crying over having to travel together which kept both Jon and myself up for most of the night before our alarms went off at 4.30 am. I felt like going into their room and waking them up!

We caught the flight to LA easily despite the early start and using a bus service to get there. Unlike our last flight to Hawaii Jon got his chosen meal so no complaining this time :).

For some strange reason we had to go though US Customs again at LA which took over an hour. Despite this we were early for the Dallas departure and matched to change to an earlier departure which is better than standing round an airport.

We arrived in Dallas at around 9.30 pm Central Time after starting in Hawaii at 7.00 am Pacific Time so travelling time was around 12 1/2 hours. We were happy to find our hotel beds.

I rang Mum in order to get Cat Insurance details faxed as we are going to try and buy a cheap car tomorrow. We are staying at a Motel 6 while in Dallas so an upgrade from hostels.

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